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The Baby Room (6 weeks – 24 months)

The Baby Room is a spacious environment where young children are nurtured and provided with a safe, calm and responsive atmosphere to develop positive attachments and form their first relationships with other adults and peers.

Our babies are provided with a wide variety of sensory activities to stimulate them and encourage their curiosity and exploratory impulses. We take the babies outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and to introduce them to the world around them, and we go on short outings to the park to look at the natural environment, which feeds their inquisitive minds.

We provide messy and textured play activities to introduce our babies to new experiences which use all their senses. This could include; play dough, shaving foam, jelly, dry rice, wet pasta, gloop, paint, sand and water play. We offer simple problem solving and schematic activities to encourage babies to explore and learn through repetition and positive experiences. Our babies are encouraged to learn through positive reinforcement and praise, and the activities provided allow for this to happen at all times. 

We have a black and white sensory area which provides a stimulating zone for the babies to explore, and includes black and white photograph books containing pictures of themselves to give them opportunities to develop a sense of identity.

The physical area is made up of soft play cushions, a tent, tunnels and a mirror triangle for the babies to develop their gross motor skills. They have the opportunity to play simple games such as pee-po and make early connections with cause and effect, as well as beginning to form early friendships with peers.

We timetable music and movement sessions each week where we play with simple musical instruments, singing nursery rhymes and encourage dancing.



The babies follow their home routines as much as possible in this room and have allocated bedding which is stored in named, zip lock pockets for when they need to sleep. We have cots for the very young babies to sleep in, the older babies have beds made up in the cosy area for them to rest or sleep, as and when they need to. They also have personal baskets which contain some of their belongings that they can access throughout the day with the support of the staff members in the room.


Regular snacks and drinks are provided for the babies during the morning and afternoon sessions, as well as individual children having their bottles as per their home routine. Care giving routines such as nappy changes and bottle feeding are carried out by the child’s key worker. This reinforces and develops key attachments which are vital for personal, social and emotional development.

Simple activities are planned for individual development, as well as for the group as a whole. An individual learning journal is maintained for each child by their key worker, and their individual targets and progress will be recorded through this. All of the babies in this room are provided with well planned activities that are tailored to their abilities and individual needs, which enables them to grow in confidence and feel secure in the environment.