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The Pre-School Room (36 – 60 months)

The Pre-school Room has a balance of child-initiated and adult-led activities which are intended to promote the children’s learning and prepare them for their Reception year at school.

Activities are planned which develop initial writing and mark-making skills and we encourage the children to practise writing their own name as much as possible by encouraging them to write their name on their learning.

As part of the children’s literacy development, we take them to the local library to borrow books that are relevant to the current theme of learning. As well as visits to the public library, the mobile library service comes to us every three weeks. All children in nursery take home a book but our Pre-School children go onto the van in small groups to independently choose a book to share at home.

We also aim to enhance the mathematical development of the children, and provide activities which look at shape, space, measurements, numbers, counting, and simple addition / subtraction. This may involve counting the number of children attending the session as part of circle time, using sand and water toys to learn about capacity or singing songs that involve counting and number.

French is offered to our Pre-School children at no additional cost. Our French teacher visits once per week and the children learn the basics of the language through stories, songs and simple games.

Mealtimes are a social occasion and are used as a learning tool for the children. We focus on healthy eating practices and hygiene routines that keep us all safe, while encouraging the children to be independent with serving their own food and drinks. The children butter their own toast at breakfast time and self-serve at lunch and tea times. They are provided with cutlery which is appropriate to their age and stage of development and have free access to water throughout the day.

We have a very close link with Northlands Primary School and visit their site fortnightly to take advantage of their facilities. Whether your child attends Reception there or not, our close link helps to prepare all children for their transition to school.

We prepare children to become life-long learners and provide solid foundations for each individual child to reach their full learning potential.